Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 19 June 2022


The June Solstice is Tuesday, 21 June.

I hope everyone has a peaceful, joyful week. I wish you all physical health and emotional well-being. 

I saw a beautiful white-tailed deer yearling in my front yard yesterday. He's a big fella. I think he's last year's buck. He was one of twins.

Take care, all. 

  • Hi all and thank you DIANE. Enjoy your four-legged visitors!

    The site is painfully slow, presumably from all the osprey followers.

    DIBNLIB: What a nice outing with yummy food and those extra freebies. That lady has certainly earned some return visits!

    Meanwhile, I shall be heading to the UK, probably this week, because my sister's health has taken a serious turn for the worse. She was hospitalized three weeks ago with an infection and was doing very well initially until complications arose. She's been struggling with multiple myeloma for almost 6 years and although the treatment gave her three years beyond the original prognosis, her immune system is now so weak it can no longer cope with an increasing number of infections and ailments and she has decided to stop all treatment. My BiL is planning to bring her home with hospice care, which is now being organized, but her son and daughter are concerned given the current staff shortages. My BiL is completely exhausted; my niece will be moving into the house for the duration and my nephew will be there at least 3 days a week (he has a growing family). I'm not sure exactly when I'm going but I'll be taking my laptop so I can keep an eye on everyone.

    Take care all

  • Annette, so sad to read of your Sisters deteriorating health, totally understand her ceasing anymore intervention.
    Please God you will have a safe journey, and have sometime together. Do take care , Prayers and Hugs sending to you all.


  • Diane - Thank you for your usual efficient start to our new week. Lovely to hear about your visitors - we have a deer who, if I'm up early enough, I often see. There used to be more, but loss of trees and building work has scared most of them away. So good to see them, even though my neighbours do complain because they nibble their roses!

    Annette - So sorry to hear about your sister. I do hope and pray you get some quality time together, A couple of my friends opted for hospice at home care and no further treatment and it was a special time for them and their families. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    Violent thunderstorm last night, with the thunder rumbling around for more than an hour. So as I couldn't sleep, I saw quite a lot of the US Open Golf. I think we're in for an exciting finish - and guess it will be another short night!

    Have a good Sunday, everyone. Think I might need a snooze this afternoon!
  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Annette - so sorry to hear about your Sisters condition it must be a very worrying time for all.

    Take care and I will light a candle for her at Church this morning.

  • Annette - so sorry to hear about your sister. I am thinking of you. I hope you can get your trip sorted easily and that you get to spend some time together. I agree about the site being slow and your reasoning too. I was watching the Loch Garten nest a lot yesterday as I was so worried about the lack of fish. It was sooooo windy that fishing for the male must have been nigh on impossible.
    Diane - thank you for starting the new week. Lovely to hear about your deer.
    Pat - I was watching the golf too. What a difficult course made even more problematic with the wind!
    I am going for a walk with a friend this morning down a local country lane. We always have a good old natter!!!
  • Annette: I'm so sorry to hear about your sister's health and what a worry for you all. Most difficult for you, of course - its at times like this that the world seems bigger, not smaller, when travel has to be contemplated in an increasingly complicated world. I do hope the family can get all the help she needs, and that she can be at home amongst her family and friends.
  • Diane thank you for starting us off: how magical to be visited by a deer!
  • Thank you, DIANE
    ANNETTE - I'm so sorry to hear the news - but happy that you are going over to see your sister xx
  • DIANE – Thank you for starting us. What a wonderful district you live in – who knows what you may see in your yard next.

    ANNETTE – So sorry to hear of your sis’s health. I hope you & family have some special time together. {{{HUGS to you, Sis & family}}}

    HEATHER – I hope you are feeling brighter and that your Dau has only mild covid.

    HARELADY – I bet there was quite some excitement when your family got together at last!

    LINDA – Our news presenters don’t become “demented penguins”, but they do start the news by standing in front of a large screen. The “girls” do not know how to stand, most are very unladylike (tut tut I’m old-fashioned), one poor girl is pigeon-toed, and skinny-leg slacks do not suit all body shapes (tut tut again!)

    Two days pleasant & sunny (though chilly). Washing nearly dried on the line; last now draped in loungeroom. We enjoyed visit to Dau#2 & Co. They are moving to new house next month. S-i-l brought out flat cardboard & challenged Trio (also visiting) to convert to packing boxes! Once they read the instructions, it was easy-peasy and they raced through the pile and stacked the boxes high. . . in front of window! Hey, who needs daylight LOL Then they went out for their last climb in the walnut tree, leaving adults to chat.

  • Rusty - Yes, that looks a really difficult course. I felt sorry for the players who got stuck in that awful thick grass, but then thought, 'Well, actually, I can play that shot as well!' when they couldn't get out! Mean or what!!! Good to see McIlroy playing well again, although not quite such a good day yesterday. I guess I'll have to stay up late and see the end ... oh dear, what a hardship! Who needs sleep anyway?!?!?