Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 19 June 2022

  • ANNETTE - have been thinking about you all this week, hoping that you wouldn't be caught up in cancellations, delays at airports, etc. I'm so pleased that you are safely here. It's a sad time for the family, but it seems as if your sister has made her decision and is at peace with it. That alone, will help you all. Sending best thoughts x

  • ANNETTE – Good you arrived safely & quickly saw your sister. Keep cheerful & respect her wishes. {{{HUGS}}}

    All our electricals off 7.30 am & waiting. Man arrived before 9 am, replaced meter, then he found a fault between road & house. Not our fault & he calls SA Power Network to fix. They arrive by noon and fix by 12.30 pm. Power back to OH”s relief (bored & cold). First man to return to continue checks “in a few weeks”. I suppose another day without power. Ho hum.

    After 2 week wait, I was supposed have my new crown fitted tomorrow. Phone call late today from dentist's girl to say it has not come in from overseas!!! New appt mid July.

    Dau hobbling on crutches, s-i-l still quite sick, Miss10 being very helpful, m-i-l doing school run as it is Dau’s right ankle.

  • Pleased to hear that the power off drama is over, AQ (for now). Your daughter really is having a bad patch: I hope her OH recovers soon and doesn't worsen. What bad luck!

    It's warm here already & I plan to ignore outside until mid afternoon, as its much cooler in our lounge which faces north and doesn't get sun. A bit concerned about my OH who is out in it at the golf, and hasn't felt too well lately. Hope he comes home early although as its a competition, he can't really just leave when he wants.
  • Annette: I'm so glad that you've made it safely to the U.K. I'm thinking of you and sending you strength.

    Also, good wishes to OG and EE. 

  • In reply to Rusty2:

    RUSTY: Well done freeing the trapped baby blackbird!
  • Diane - Amazing that you posted a picture of an American goldfinch. A friend of mine sent me the identical picture to illustrate an article for our church weekly news letter - she has just returned from a holiday with her daughter in New Jersey. I gather they are quite shy. She also sent me a very pretty bluebird who was competing with swallows for a nest box.

    Annette Difficult to find the right words at this difficult time for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I do hope you get to spend good quality time with your sister.

    In haste - not quite sure what's happened to the schedule this week. The weekend is approaching far too quickly and I'm not ready for it - Help!!
  • Annette - Glad that you had a smooth journey. I agree with Pat that is difficult to find the right words to say, but thoughts are with you and the family. I hope you can have some peaceful quality time together.
  • I made yet another trip to the local Oxfam shop this morning. Only about 101 more to go. How did I accumulate so much 'stuff"!

    I managed to prise my OH away from his travel books. He always bought one for every place we visited, and we did a lot of travelling until fairly recently. There must have been about forty books. I had to distribute those around some other charity shops, as having been a volunteer in some of them, I know that having too many of the same type is frowned upon!
  • Yes, Annette, I am glad you have arrived here safely. I do hope you will now be able to spend some quality time with your sister and that the hospice care is soon put in place.
    Lindy - I hope your OH was OK after his golf. It was very hot and humid today.
    Rosy - I know what you mean about sorting books and distributing them amongst charity shops. I did something similar during the 3rd lockdown. Strangely, my bookshelves don’t seem to be any emptier. How can that be?
    I have been to Llyn Brenig to see the ospreys today. They are quite a long way from the observation point but there are telescopes set up and some really informative and enthusiastic people there to answer any questions,
    We have had a brief shower over tea time. It feels as though there could be a storm.
  • My OH not only survived his hot round of golf, but also won a prize for the best score amongst the veterans taking part. It's only ten pounds, but quite a feather in his cap, as he has not been playing for as long as most of his opponents. Being how he is, he then mowed the lawn and did some other jobs before resting in the garden. He has an appointment for some tests in a week or so, as he's had some stomach pain of late.

    It's been warm but not unbearable -- I got on with various bits of h.work but then sat in the cool in the afternoon. We've not had much good news of the poor lady who had a stroke recently. It is hard to say how much she might recover. How cruel it is.