Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 19 June 2022

  • Hi again. AQ - hope covid virus clears up for the family and that noone else is affected. Glad you managed to salvage something out of your trip to a particular church.

    Just had my gardner round putting in the rest of the plants - its a young garden and will take a bit of time to establish but it should look great once the plants have filled out. Will take some photos soon .

    Heather - At least it was a dream. And you too, Diane, Quite bizarre.

    Warm and humid today, just chilling out in the cool of the house.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • This is the first time I have been able to get on here today. Not for want of trying! I have no idea why I can’t get on earlier!
    Heather and Diane - I am amazed at how clearly and vividly you can remember your dreams. If I do dream, I certainly can’t remember them! Also Heather, how amazing about that particular Tornado jet being in Perth.
    I didn’t play golf today. I decided it was too hot. Also, I have felt strangely tired. I hope I am not getting the dreaded c - - - - !
  • Heather - What a lovely treat for your son to see an old friend so far from home. I'm sure it brought back lots of memories.

    Heather and Diane - I wonder what an interpreter of dreams would make of your night-time wanderings? I remember when I was taking a particular sort of anti-malarial medication some years ago I had really vivid and often very scary dreams. They stopped as soon as I finished the medication. I occasionally have quite weird dreams but usually dodn't remember them!
  • Rusty - I unfailingly get weary when the temperatures get high. My body says "rest!!"

    Today's quotes:

    Growing old isn't so bad if you consider the alternative.

    I wake up every morning at nine, and grab the morning paper. Then I look at the obituary page. If my name is not on it, I get up. Harry Hershfield.
  • Thanks you Lindy. That is most reassuring. Actually I do feel “more like it” this evening. I decided to go out and do some watering. Thank goodness I did as I found a baby blackbird caught up in my strawberry netting!!!! It wasn’t there when I picked some for tea. It was flapping about and was well and truly tangled up. I got my gardening gloves and my small secateurs and held the bird like I have seen them do on Springwatch. It was flapping and pecking me and making protest noises. I gently snipped away (a lot was round its neck, feet and wings.) Eventually I got it free and put it under a bush. It just laid there with its wings spread out. Eventually it flapped further under the bush. If it isn’t injured I hope it doesn’t die of shock. I found a gap in my netting at the back which I hadn’t properly weighted down after my earlier picking session. I have had to make a very strong cup of tea!!!!!
  • warning letter that electricity will be off between 7.30 am and 5 pm for one hour for maintenance. Great! It is freezing. And what can OH do without computer or TV? I can clean bathroom, cull cupboards, etc and read my stash of books. Must close, only 5 mins to possible shutdown.
  • Morning all:  Got here safely after a good flight that got in an hour early but OMG - the flight was jam-packed but low-key.  I wore as mask from the time I got on the shuttle bus  in Santa Barbara to when I got in my nephew's car at Heathrow; most people didn't.  Food on plane was worse than usual (yes, hard to believe I know) but the cabin attendants were great - I felt sorry for how hard these folks have to work on these long flights. My nephew took me to niece's house for a cup of tea (actually glass of wine) and a nap and we were supposed to go back to his house for dinner, but apparently my BiL had just texted niece as he was concerned about what he considered a deterioration in my sister's condition and so we all bombed up the freeway to the hospice in Boston, just in case, and got back to niece's house at 10 p.m for more wine, a snack and bed at midnight.   Niece and I will be decamping to the house in Aunsby today for the duration....   We are waiting for the hospice team to be put in place and then sister will move back home where hospital bed has already been set up downstairs so she can see the garden and watch the birds.    Wasn't so much shocked at her condition as distressed, but oh well.  She is alert and her usual sweet self but so diminished and tires very easily.

    Anyway, it's so nice to read all your diverting posts about baby bird rescues, electricity cuts (AQ didn't realize one-hour actually lasts 9.5 hours Down Under!), etc., and bizarre dreams (Diane - are you sure that wasn't my wardrobe you were rummaging around in for a decent outfit?) :-) Thanks so much for kind messages - they really are helpful.

    Had been hoping that new specs would somehow arrive before I left the US and had called the office the day before the flight, but was told they were still at the lab. As could have been predicted, was going through security at LAX when phone buzzed to tell me specs had come in and I could pick up anytime!  Boo hiss.  Will have to make do with cheapo readers for now.

    Take care all.....

  • BIg Hugs and Lots of Prayers for you all,

    so pleased you have arrived safe and able to be with your Sister during this very Sad and distressing time.

    Do take care of yourself and pleased relatives caring for you.


  • Annette - Thanks for finding the time to write and keep us up to date. If its any help, I did read that flying is actually relatively safe as regards covid, and there have not been any outbreaks relating to it. Glad you got here with not too much hassle but I'm sure you could have done without the problem with your glasses. Sorry to hear your sister has deteriorated so quickly but at least you've been able to see her promptly. Take care of yourself {{HUGS}}
  • It's bright here already and a hot day forecast (25 degrees here). My OH has gone off to golf with two cold drinks in his bag.

    I'm just catching up on h.work & hoping to laze in garden this afternoon.