Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 13 March 2022

  • LYNETTE – Good that you are getting lots of aids. Can you plan a task to fill some of the time while Dau is away?

    Dau phoned to moan about chaotic schooling. So many teachers away that relief teachers are filling in and teaching random things. Every few days news comes home that a child in one or other class has covid and thus other kids are considered “close contacts”. Trio have just had 2nd jab. Dau was not impressed by manner of person giving jabs; will make next time harder.

  • Just a thought

    You can’t get where you want to go if you don’t know where you are. (Barack Obama)

  • Good Morning. Sunny again, here - what a joy.

    Zip lines are up there with bungee jumping, deep sea diving and parachute jumping as things which I would love to do but never, ever will!! I would die of terror!

    Lynette, I'm sure you will be fine. Just keep busy. Enjoy your meal out tomorrow.

    My OH is OK, in terms of someone with a heavy cold. He is, thank goodness, taking some paracetamol now and then. He brought me a mug of tea in bed today and I said "I should be waiting on you!" He has two friends, both golfers, who have come down with the virus also but everyone is unsure exactly where or when they caught it.

  • A pic of our camellia two evenings ago, when the Sahara sand was in the sky as the sun went down,  and it lit up the garden in an unusual way.

  • Diane - I am also one of the 'World Service all night' brigade, along with Heather. For us it runs into Radio 4 at 0520 and that works well for me. I often hear real gems in the middle of the night ... of course there is a lot of rubbish as well! But I wouldn't be without it.

    Sudden spike in Covid infections among our church congregation, thought to have come from services last Sunday. I wasn't there ... but I was at a funeral at a different church on Wednesday, when the church was packed. Now I'm aware of every tickly cough or slight sniffle. Not sure how long I need to wait to be sure I'm clear. I haven't felt as nervous about getting infected since the pandemic began. Most other people seem to be quite complacent - perhaps that's why I'm nervous, as people are not being as careful as previously. The sun is shining brightly again, so that makes everything look better!

    Have a good Friday, everyone.
  • In reply to Lynette:

    LYNETTE Glad you are getting some practical help. Hope all your aids arrive soon.
  • Pat -- It's not easy, wondering if the virus is going to strike. I was apprehensive and nervous when we went to a funeral, but apparently there have been no reports of illness since, at all.

    However, my OH has been online and on the phone to friends, as its a mystery as to how he picked it up. It may have been when playing golf as nowadays he goes into the clubhouse afterwards, and as you say, everyone is much more relaxed now which is worrying.
  • Happy Friday all!

    I have been lurking and reading your posts every day but too busy to post.

    I Hope all that have ailments soon recover and are taking care not to get exposed to Covid. Lindy I hope your husband recovers and that you can avoid it.

    Like many of you I am a firm Radio 4 girl and love the World Service. I have night terrors and when I wake in a sweat - I need to hear some comforting voices and it is amazing what you learn at 3 am or so.

    I have my Son Jonathan and his family arriving tomorrow for a flying visit with his partner Emily and James (nearly 5) and Lily (2)

    The weather for East Suffolk is set to be very sunny so we will head to Aldeburgh with buckets and spades before an early meal at a local pub that are so good with the Children. During the pandemic they created a building called "The Outside Inn" and it has proved so popular they have kept it going.

    I will be away fro a few days from Sunday pm as I have to have a small operation on the indside of my bottom lip on Monday and will be home on Wednesday pm.

    Finally it is great to see the Ospreys returning to they home nests and I will be checking in to see who has returned and who are newbies.

  • OH birthday yesterday was quite unremarkable – cards from both Daughters and elder one phoned – as did his “big brother”. Meal was quite disappointing – I think I have forgotten the reality of eating out! He was happy because he was allowed pudding, but it’s all such an effort organising my needs for accessibility.

    DIBNLIB – at least nobody will see you grin behind your mask!

    ANNETTE – I hope your Daughter will settle sensibly at home!

    TERRY – HI! Good to see you back – do keep coming! I hope you are well and no adventures with mummy cows.

    LYNETTE – good to see you are getting walking aids etc – do use them. Enjoy the meal out this week, and don’t worry about next weekend, jive yourself very small tasks to do and don’t overreach yourself.

    LINDA – good that he has given in to some paracetamol – but shouldn’t it be regular? That Camellia has a spectacular covering of blooms.

    HARELADY – enjoy the family visit – and good luck with the lip surgery!

    Going to sit in a different chair after session at computer - aching.
  • Evening all:

    Harelady:  So sorry to hear you have night terrors.  Has that always been the case?  Glad the BBC provides some relief.  I listen to the BBC World Service more and more; I have the Simple Radio app on my iPhone and it's one of the many options.  Take care of that lip and enjoy the family visit..  :-)

    OG;  Too bad about the birthday meal out.  We've been to our favorite place a couple of times in the last year and it hasn't been as wonderful as we remember. New help in the kitchen maybe?

    AQ: How frustrating that there's still so much disruption in school schedules.

    Grandson is coming down tomorrow to remove stumps from two large and difficult shrubs that outgrew their space and my energy. I have several other garden chores I'm hoping he'll take care of....

    Have a good Saturday everyone.