Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 13 March 2022

  • Being a grandparent is your reward for not killing your kids!

    Yes, I Am A Spoiled Granddaughter. I don’t care what Mum said. Grandma said I can have it.

    Children are the rainbow of life. Grandchildren are the pot of gold.

  • Good morning, everyone. Another lovely day out there ... I now think spring has really arrived. Had a lovely walk around the gardens at Standen yesterday. They lost lots of trees in the storms, but it has certainly opened up some areas so hopefully other things will thrive. Daffodils were lovely, but not as good as Hever earlier in the week - that even made the national news, deservedly so!

    Have a good day, everyone. I will be 'attending' an online all-day training day, so while everyone else is enjoying the sunshine I will be sitting with my computer on my lap looking longingly out of the window! Might manage a ten-minute dash outside during the lunch break ... but as that's only a mean 45 minutes, I may not have time. Hey ho ...
  • Good Morning. Bright here again, and looks like a dry few days to come. All my garden buds are opening!

    Harelady, hope all goes well with your poorly lip, and that you enjoy your family visit this weekend.

    My OH has had a reasonable night: woke up a few times as hard to breathe, not anything sinister, just his head feeling blocked up by a heavy cold. We are so grateful that we were able to get all the jabs and his infection is not too awful. He thinks that he is over the worst of it, now - let's hope so

    I am popping out for bread, milk & papers, and will be as quick as possible. Shocked to hear the latest figures - apparently one in 20 people in UK are infected.
  • Pat - What a shame you have to be indoors on such a lovely day. Hope you can get outside for that break...
  • Someone gazing into our kitchen window yesterday... .. "where is the bird food?!"

  • Sorry that EEs birthday treat meal was disappointing. It's nice to find somewhere that you enjoy, but then doubly annoying when things change.

    My OH is so against taking medications, that I have to be glad when he takes the odd aspirin or paracetamol - no chance at all of his being regular about it! He takes a daily prescribed anti acidity pill every morning. So that he remembers it, I have to put it leaning against the kettle at bedtime, ready for him to fall over it in the mornings! Goodness knows what will happen if he is ever prescribed anything else!..... <sigh>
  • Just a quick look in but have been reading every day - thanks to all.
    Covid is encroaching on the family - now, granddaughter Amy has it and her Mum sounds croaky. Amy has been seeing Katie, daughter of my eldest daughter ....
    I'm not seeing any family - hoping to keep clear for the Danes visit. Fingers crossed !!

  • Apparently a spring weekend - garden planning afoot and hopefully some real gardening - garden centre this coming Wednesday for shopping and lunch.
  • In reply to Lindybird:

    See, two weeks gone by just like that. It's a good job I'm in touch via FB.

    Terry in Cumbria