• Sääksilive #4
    The drama continues and is very hard to watch really..
    Una hasn’t had fish since Tuesday 7pm and that was the first, or maybe part of a second in 24 hours. It was also the last time Niilo (the father) was seen
    So Una is mostly on the nest by himself crying for food… 

    At least there is water nearby and he took a plunge, as he was shaking off water when he returned.

    At sääksilive #3 fledging is imminent I think.. and food is good

  • Where do you get a link to the Saaksilive camera Bart?

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • In reply to Catlady:

    There is a webpage on with all the cameras live..

    Or from

    The chat is sääksilive #1, in Finnish.. so what I do is in a webbrowser detach the chat and then translate to English..
    Almost by accident it seems, it got translated in the yt app too, but that is gone again
  • The three Tweed Valley brothers' names have been revealed: