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    ALAN PETRIE said:
    News of Tweed Valley tracked birds.
    Megget is OK fishing in the Rio Omana in northern Spain
    Talla - no further signals

    Thanks Alan, great to get news of Megget, fingers crossed for Talla. Such a hazardous time, migration, unfortunately usually because of us humans.

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    Captiva, Florida

    Apparently the pair has returned early, they're bonding and nestorising.

    I can't remember exactly, but I think the past 2 years their hatchlings have been taken by corvids.  The cam operator says that if eggs hatch this season they will close down the cam until the osplets are past meal-size, keeping would-be watchers informed.  I shan't be following it but recorded some footage this past couple of days.

    Female tripping while nestorising:

    The messiness of the nest shows up at nighttime - as do some creepy-crawlies (mini-crabs? spiders?) but not well enough to snap:

    EDIT - vid showing lizard and crab - there may also have been a tree frog or two but I'm not doing those: