Weekly Chat (non-osprey) Sunday, September 12, 2021

  • Well, my headache went in the end (not taking aspirins at the moment, under Docs orders) but then when I was getting my laundry off the line, something stung me near my wrist -- didn't see if it was a bee or a wasp. My skin soon went red and swelled up around it so I found the sting relief stick I usually take on holiday. Now the swelling is going down and its not as painful as at first, so I think I'll live! Sigh.
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    Annette: Congrats on seeing the rocket! What a powerful moment for you! I loved your description. Wish I'd been there with you. I still hope to see one some day.

    Yup, I'll definitely be buying a used vehicle. Oh, how I'd love one of those "spiffy new Ford pickups," but the best I can hope for is "old but reliable." LOL!  I'll be abundantly lucky to afford that because used car prices had already gone sky-high, and then Hurricane Ida destroyed hundreds of thousands of cars (causing demand to soar here in the east). I'll check CarFax because I at least want to avoid a car that's been wrecked or flooded. Your comment about the moderate SUVs is sound advice, but I'm rural and I have a lot of big stuff to haul--incoming and outgoing--especially when I start working on my house. Besides, I'm a Mountain Dew-swilling woman of the holler, and I want a pickup truck. LOL LOL!

    Good luck and safe journey to the whales this year. 

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    OG: I'm so glad that you were able to shop with EE this afternoon! Woohoo! I hope you had a good time and were able to find some quality food you will enjoy. So good to see you getting out.

  • I am so hoping that Clare and Limpy will have the holiday of a lifetime. Nice to see Pat O and others giving good advice. 

    Lindy: My goodness, another victim of bug attack! Hope you feel better. On my local chatter site, people were complaining about how prolific the fleas are here this year--both wildlife fleas and domestic animal fleas. I've been wiping myself down with rubbing alcohol when I come indoors to make sure I don't bring in any fleas or ticks from the deer and other critters. I loved your photos of Bonnie.

    Pat O: I hope you can endure the final leg of your journey and make it home safely. What a demanding trip you've had! I'm so sorry.

    Harelady: Hope you're better, too!!!

  • Diane:  My daughter has my old SUV but I know she really wanted a pickup.  :-)  

    PatO:  Congrats on the good B&B choice; hope you have an easy drive home.

    Take care everyone.

  • Sunny day. Washing dried. I'm busy replenishing “lazy meals” for freezer.

    Just a thought

    Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud. (Maya Angelou)

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    Morning all.

    Sorry to read of those of suffering with insect bites. As a life time sufferer ,with  added complication of Anaphylactic shock.

    I take extra care particularly gardening this time of year.

    My daily routine is to spray with Herbal repellent (containing Neem ). HERE   and if unfortunate to feel a nip,

    apply a Click with  a Clicker, HERE

    Even a Tree surgeon friend , who like me swells,particularly if by Horse Fly, was sceptical, but now,has several and pockets them daily so to have ready.

    N.B.The links I post are for  info only,as of course you can google for others.

    I also always wear THORN PROOF gardening gloves.

    Sorry if sounds preachy, it is not intended,but just thought it may assist.

    Take care all


  • Good Morning. Awoke to a grey drizzly start, but now its clearing up. OH gone off to golf & I have the exciting prospect of washing towels and sorting out some old bits of paper- how does it all breed into such swathes?

    Diane, Good Luck with your search for a decent vehicle. My fingers will be crossed that you find the right one .
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    I prefer haddock to cod. Liver is a definite no no for me. My OH loves it but eats it only rarely and never at home.
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    Oh dear, insect bites and stings. Sorry for those who are suffering.