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    Interesting. I knew that Mr Rutland and Nora shared White 03 (on different legs). Looking at the UK Osprey list it appears that most if not all the white numbers up to 08 were reused in 2008-2010. They were originally used for the 8 birds translocated to Rutland in1997. Three are known to have returned to the UK, 03 and 08 to Rutland and 07 who bred in Wales in 2004.

    I can't spot any other duplicates but the scattering of 1997 and 1999 birds (including EJ) in the list makes me wonder if the decision was taken to reuse numbers in Scotland whose first owners had not been seen for 10 years?

    In the following years nos 01 - 12 were used for the Rutland tranlocatees with a different colour for each year. Orange 11 from 1998 was the original Glaslyn male.

    Hilary J