LOCH ARKAIG - AUGUST 2020 TO FEBRUARY 2021. Highlights are Mary GK's and Geemeff's wonderful videos of the 2020 season

  • Wonderful pictures Mary. Ian
  • Aw it is always sad Mary, but it has been a fabulous year. These are beautiful pictures. The circle has already started, they are away to rest and recuperate, hopefully the lovely pair will return and then we will once again follow them as they prepare the nest, lay their eggs, raise their young and give us all the pleasure in watching them. Think of it as us having a wee holiday as well, from when they returned until they all left, that time flew by, the next 6 will hopefully be the same (although we should not wish time away) in our Osprey world can't help it!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Wonderful pictures, Mary, mist/fog/whatever is always so photogenic--thanks. And thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread over the season. Agree with Catlady, too, hope that we and the Ospreys rest and recuperate and are fighting fit by the spring. I have a conflict between not wanting to wish my life away and yet wanting the next 6 months to fly by so the Ospreys will be with us again! Fingers crossed that the adults both return safely next year. I still remember Lonely Louie, but this pairing has done very well (once he found someone--lol!)

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  • A final video from me, a time-lapse from this morning before the livestream switches off, another one in my Classic Ospreys series. Happy winter everyone, it's been a fantastic season this year, thanks for your company.

    Highlands Overture - Fish Hawk's Nest: Loch Arkaig Osprey nest misty morning time-lapse 18th September 2020