LOCH ARKAIG (The Woodland Trust) - September 2019 to end February 2020

  • Just so lovely looking back - thanks for the link, Ian.

    I would also like to thank everyone for all their contributions ie updates, captures and videos. It really has been a fabulous year here and the threads have been outstanding monitoring this family's progress. Wishing them all a safe journey and return.
  • Thanks o much IAN for the link Will enjoy watching later
  • I don't think Rannoch and Loius will be sorry they have left for warmer climes tonight 

    05-22 And still raining

  • The same in Wales, TRYING, and the Glaslyn father and daughter hadn't left as at yesterday.

    Tiger's Osprey Info & World Bird Cams

  • I didn't get around to watching the round-up video until today - what a lovely video, in every way :-*

    Tiger's Osprey Info & World Bird Cams

  • Some of you may remember that there is at least one other osprey nest at Loch Arkaig, from which Pean (JH3) fledged in 2017 before tragically dying by hitting a faulty power cable in Spain. George from WT has posted, not to the Loch Arkaig WT page but to the link below, that the other nest had two chicks this year that seem to have successfully fledged. He has posted pictures that were taken by Lewis Pate when the chicks were ringed. One is JH7, I have asked George what the other number was.
    The post from George is posted to walkingwithdaddy.com/.../. One of the WT chatters (Adam Tinworth) set up this disqus chat as the WT chat page will soon be closed down until 2020. Ian

    EDIT - I found this posted by Valerie on 8 July 2019 to the July Loch Arkaig thread. "Loch Arkaig area nest which is at the far west end of the Loch - out of the Woodland Trust patch. Two chicks ringed today - a male Blue JH6 and a female Blue JH7"

    I also found this by Sheila FE at the start of the year "On another nest, ca 2km away, a single chick was raised, Blue JH5(18), with an upside down ring. - does anyone know the sex? "

    So the other nest has fledged JH3 (Pean fledged 2017 died December 2018), JH5 (2018), JH6 & JH7 (2019), whereas the camera nest has fledged JH4 (Lachlan 2017) & JJ0 (Mallie) & JJ2 (Rannoch) in 2019. I have been reminded that JH5 was named Bolt, I still don't know about the gender.

  • Thanks Ian for all the details. Always so nice to read about another successful nest.
  • Thanks IAN How fantastic that there is another successful nest
  • Below is a post on the WT chat page from George Anderson, posted today (12 Sept).
    "These comments will be switched off for the winter tomorrow (Friday) and the camera livestream (currently still on youtube) will be closing too."
    I suppose the post from George marks the official end to a very satisfactory Loch Arkaig season. Ian

  • Intention confirmed.....

    from 'Loch Arkaig Osprey' Youtube page chat....

    12th Sept 2:16 PM

    George Anderson

    ​The camera feed will be turned off for the winter tomorrow. Thanks for watching with us. See you in Spring.

    I can only say...the quality, reliability and resilience of the support for this nest camera has been top-notch...

    Thankyou muchly to WT and all the support staff.

    And thankyou sylla for your dedication to making a goodly record both textually and visually of this seasons nest activities.

    My appreciation also goes out to all others who recorded info and followed this nest.

    Roll on next April, .... so we can all enjoy and do this all over again!!