Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 10 June 2018

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    HEATHER   Always worth negotiating....the worst thing they can do is say , no.....and what is the betting they offer you a better price. We have often found that a quick phone call does the trick.

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    Thanks, DIBNLIB - I am determined to do it.

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    Aaaargh!  Just did a post but closed the window before it actually posted.

    Anyway, much too much interaction and busyness here though things are still on schedule, so am going to run away to a hotel tomorrow for one night.  Plan to pick up yummy salad, small bottle of wine and chocolate from the market by the hotel, then close the door, put up my feet and ignore the world until check out time on Sunday!  (Will have laptop.)  

    Have read all the posts, but please forgive lack of individual responses due to communications part of brain has had a meltdown.  :-)

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    Good morning - not very warm here in Inverness.

    ANNETTE - enjoy your night off! Glad that the work is proceeding to schedule. I can't remember how long you have been there but it seems ages. I've 'seen' LYNETTE on the Daily Update page but not here as far as I know.

    LINDY - agree, names from the past. WATTLE's name came to mind a wee while ago.

    Good that you, EE and GEORGE had an enjoyable chinwag, OG! I seem to think that you were going to Fife for five days so you may be returning home tomorrow?

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    Heather: I will send you some warmth. The temperature is predicted to be 95F or 35C here today. Yuck. 

    Annette: Have a nice, relaxing time at your hotel this evening. Take a good break. Don't watch the news; it's all even more ghastly than usual.

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    Good Morning.  Rain here, at last!  Although it's very gentle.

    Annette -  Sounds like a good plan, you probably need a break from the chaotic scene and will feel better for the bit of peace and quiet, later. Hope everything continues to go well, there.

    Heather - We never pay insurance plans on anything, including the boiler. As you say, you end up paying for it twice: you might as well have put the premium money into an 'emergency account' ready for it, if it was needed.

    My OH has been in the doghouse for several things over the last couple of days, including cutting and trimming a shrub and managing in his enthusiasm to cut in half a very pretty clematis, covered in small yellow buds. I did tell him to be careful, before he began! 

    Have a nice weekend, everyone.

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    Thanks, DIANE! I await the sun....

    LINDY- my son said the same thing as you. His boiler is older than mine and has only broken down once. He just paid up and nothing has gone wrong since. The boiler and central heating system are the only things we have covered apart from the house and contents. I will tell you what I paid for the boiler etc- £400 for the current year. Last year £330 and the year before,  £280. My OH, generally speaking, didn't believe in insurance. He always said that they were businesses and in it to make money. He, like you, preferred to keep the money in his own bank account!

    Sorry about your casualty in the garden. Yours was man made (!) but I did find more storm damage. A few rose stems broken and a delphinium nearly on the ground :-(

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    Heather: Sorry about your pretty flowers. The wild orange ditch lilies are starting to bloom here. 

    Annette: I forgot to tell you that I'll start the new thread later. 

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    Lindy: Sorry about your clematis, too. They are such nice flowers. 

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    Rain showers all day long. Glad we managed to get Benson out this morning as he decided this afternoon was a no go!! Swam again today for the 4th time this week  and pleased I managed 160 lengths (2 miles) altogether. Couple of days off now methinks.