Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 10 June 2018

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    There were also other paragraphs gone missing - sorry HEATHER and others.  I did try to tell you about the weather!  It has been okay in the main until the wind, which is less here than elsewhere - including home, where J reports minor damage to shed roof and driveway wall.

    Ospreys Rule OK, but Goldfinches come a close second!

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    OG   OH recently painted the fence. We also have a side garden and railings. This was open plan when we moved here and we weren't happy with that. It is these railings that OH is painting now.

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    I think the Site is still playing up, OG.

    I went back to 2010 yesterday, looking for something. It said on there that Dibnlibs OH was painting the railings, LOL!! There were also posts from Djoan, and Wattle, which made me nostalgic - and of course, contributions from dear Margo and dear Brenda.

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    We've had breezy conditions but no real wind, so other areas have had our share, I'm afraid.

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    Good Morning, All.  Quiet on here: I hope all is going well for Annette and the renovations.

    I feel better today after feeling somewhat dizzy yesterday - I'm well otherwise, so think it was perhaps something in the ears.

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    Lindy and anyone interested: The big cruise ship Norwegian Jade is coming into Lerwick Harbor (Shetland) right now. See here. Everyone have a good day!

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    Hi Diane:  I thought maybe something was due,as I could see lots of coaches ready on the esplanade when I looked in half an hour before you posted!  I love this webcam!

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    Good morning!

    Glad that you are feeling better, LINDY. I loved your flowers, also envious! Also envious of the home grown potatoes...

    The joiner is coming this morning to replace the two misted over double glazed units in the conservatory. Whether I'll have to sit down or not when his bill arrives depends on the final bill - I know how much the glass is costing but labour charges of course will depend on how quickly it is all done as he charges by the hour and I don't know if he will be on his own or will bring another with him. The gas boiler is also getting serviced today.

    We had high winds yesterday but not much rain - I was disappointed. I lost a lot of flowers from some shrubs but they would have probably been near the end of their flowering life, anyway.

    Better go as I have to empty a wardrobe before the engineer can get at the boiler!

    Have a good day, ALL

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    Hi, Lindy. I went to the Norwegian Jade page and read about that cruise and looked at their staterooms. It's a pretty ship. 

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    The site seems to be playing up a bit today, again.

    Gas boiler serviced and I had a chat with the engineer about what I consider the extortionate amount that I am paying Scottish Gas, annually. He advised me to phone the company and see if I could negotiate with them. I could have bought a new boiler several times over by now!

    The (two!) joiners are busy replacing the double glazed units. It will be good to be able to see out of the main window again.