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    Clare Bailey said:

    Lynn L said:
    When this happens to me, I go down to the bottom of the page and click Online Community, still a pain but maybe quicker than Main Website then Community?

    Catlady, you're a genius!  That's much quicker.

    I'm using Opera, by the way.

    EDIT: Is Lynn L anything like your real name?  I keep appearing as Clare Bailey - and I've never been called Bailey.

    Glad I could help with a bit of Tekkie information!

    A tiny bit, part of the Lynn but nothing to do with the L!

    A mystery indeed!

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    My default picture-handler (instead of Windows' offering) is IrfanView, which is a long-established, trustworthy freebie. I adjust the frames that IrfanView has built-in by changing the widths and colours and I'll put one on top of another and another until semi-satisfied (I'm never 100% satisfied because I can never get the right shades, for one thing).

    IrfanView looks complicated (tho not as complicated as the most famous free substitute for PhotoShop, Gimp) but if you get to know the elements that you need bit by bit, and ignore the rest, it's very simple.  It's great for cropping and resizing easily.

    I also use PhotoScape (free) and PhotoScape X (free in the Microsoft Store) but only for adding to IrfanView frames, neither of them have adequate basics, for my taste.  "Real-looking" picture frames don't suit my birdies or my style, I think

    I'd be rich if I had a £ for every time I've googled "picture framing software" or "borders", because I do love putting frames on, it feels like honouring them, daftie me.

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  • Thank you SOOOOOOO much SCYLLA I'll have a play around during the "off" season

    I don't think its daft at al I fully understand Its sort of why I visit all the cams and read JD's reports at Kielder etc as it seems sort ofuncaring to favour one nest over another That sounds a bit daft too

    Carry on being daft SCYLLA We all love the results