Photos from my recent visit. First time at Leighton Moss!

Last weekend was my first time at Leighton Moss. It was wonderful! I definitely plan on returning in spring. 

I have some photos to share!



I had never seen Green winged-Teal before. They were very fun to watch!



Shovelers were amusing as always.

A hybrid! As I understand it, its a Shoveler x Cinnamon Teal. How did a Cinnamon Teal get here?


Marsh tit! I met a super nice lady that told me to keep an eye out for coal tit-looking birds, because some may be marsh tits. I did not know this, and had she not told me I would not have noticed. I am very grateful!


I saw many glimpses of three or four marsh harriers, but they did not last long enough for me to take a decent picture. This one was the best I could manage.

Also, in one of the hides a marsh harrier was spotted in the faraway distance feasting on what looked like a duck. Image quality is terrible, it was way too far away!







Lapwings really are a sight to see. And the calls were very amusing to listen to! Sadly I could not get any close-ups. Their plumage is truly beautiful, I hope that next time I return I get a picture that does justice to this gorgeous bird. 


And thats about it! It was a really enjoyable trip. I've only been birdwatching for around 8 months, and this was by far the largest amount of lifers that I have seen in a single trip. 

Thank you so much to the staff at Leighton Moss for keeping the reserve as amazing as it is! 

Best regards to all of you, 

Jaime Miralles.