A few photos from Leighton Moss (14th Feb)

So, other than Jim, here are a couple of my sightings on the 14th

On the path was this Marsh Tit. It seems to be doing an impression of a Willow Tit with a pale wing bar and slightly untidy bib, but it has the mark on the bill so I'm sure that's just emphasizing how difficult ID can be when they aren't calling!

Also in the trees … and where else would it be … a lovely little Treecreeper. For me, this is already a contender for 1 of my 3 Photos of the Month but I'm not leaving it out in case it doesn't make it in the end.


Walter Rail was around to be seen but he wasn't tempted out into the open when I passed, although I heard later he did pose for a few people. I heard and even had a fleeting glimpse of two Cetti's Warblers together in the trees by the path to Grisedale hide but I didn't manage any photos. In front of the hide, a Great White Egret paraded around catching tiddlers.

In the background 3 drake Shoveler were pootling around and, quite innocently, I'm sure, kept photobombing!

The GWE was determined to be centre of interest, however, and moved away from them.

A flighty Lapwing in front of Causeway hide

On the island was a Cormorant showing off its white motorcycle helmet and the white hankies in its trouser pockets

Now, we finally have conclusive evidence that the Loch Ness monster is alive and well and over-wintering at Leighton Moss ...

I'm sure it's just a coincidence that 3 otter cubs were out in front of Lower hide at the same time. These are quite heavily cropped long distance shots. Every time one caught an eel, the other two would rush in.

Just in front of the hide, these Greylags were floating in infinity.

And an atmospheric shot of a pair of female Goldeneye drifting aimlessly in front of the pale gold reeds. I think I saw about 10 females and only 1 male … so he's probably doing OK!

No Bitterns for me, but a lovely day, all the same … as ever!


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