Otter Cubs

Had an absolutely fantastic day yesterday at LM. I like to go to the Public Hide first but from there spotted Otter fishing closer to Lower Hide, so walked down there. Mum Otter fished up & down all morning, sometimes taking an eel into the reeds. Just about bang on midday the 3 cubs emerged for a few minutes playtime; at the same time a Bittern flew directly in front of the hide, right to left. It was all a bit of a blink & you've missed it but I managed a bit of shaky footage (didn't have a tripod.) To top it off there was an amazing murmuration near the level crossing at about 5pm. All the usual suspects such as Harriers, Water Rail, Deer etc also made an appearance. Happy me!

You can view my shaky footage here:

Otter Cubs


Regards, AnnaB

  • Lovely videos Anna

    I'll add the videos for you.

    Love the Otters as I've not seen any