A very soggy valley

We've just got back from a very very wet Coombes. Despite the forecast of 'showers' it rained heavily on us all day. We didn't see a single other person - unfortunately we only saw one bird on our walk. We heard plenty, but couldn't see them in the wet, ever-moving leaves. But the one that we did see was a gem - pied flycatcher going in and out of nestbox.

Of course when we got back to the car, the feeding sation was full of life! Jay, goldfinch, bullfinch, greater spotted woodpecker and a lovely family of robin chicks being fed by parent.

It's a great place, I'd love to have seen it with last week's weather!

  • Hi Shaun

    Glad you liked it. I sat and watched the flycatchers nesting for an hour in the sun on tuesday afternoon and never saw another person, although the car park was full when I arrived in the morning. It's nice seeing other people when your walking around but I must admit I like it when it feels like you've got the place to yourself.

    Be good to get a few more people posting on this forum though.

    Cheers    Chris