Simple Questions

Hi all

Nothing too taxing for the end of a working week (although still answer if you read this at a later date).

Three questions:

1 - When did you last visit RSPB Coombes Valley?

2 - Are you going to visit this autumn ?

3 - If not, why, seriously.....what's your favourite autumnal colour?

My wife and I were debating the last one the other day. She's all for the bright red leaves, whereas I'm more of an orange sort of guy!

What do you think?


  • 1 - I last visited RSPB Coombes Valley Friday 19th October 2012

    2 - I will definitely be visiting again this autumn!

    3 - My favourite autumnal colour has to be the red leaves, berries and fly agaric!

  • 1. 11th August

    2.Very likely

    3. Not sure if I would limit it to one colour as it is the mixtures of reds,ornages and yellows that work when all combined in my opinion


  • In reply to ukmjk:

    1. 13th October 2012 - How could I forget!

    2. Inevitably.

    3. I agree with MK on this one, it's the pattern and mixture of colours of the woodland canopy that work for me, and seeing change as the season progresses.


  • In reply to Ian Myatt:

    1. Too long ago! the open day i think

    2. Definitley! - goit the date in the diary :)

    3. gotta be the colour of DANGER... RedDeerRut, Redwings arriving, RedAdmirals back out, RedGreenCarpet moth... and Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer is just around the corner!