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Heavy clay boggy garden turned into a wildlife haven

This year I had decided it was time to take action, and turn my boggy garden into a beautiful place, I have done all the work myself with the help from my 11 year old daughter. Being a single mum with very little spare money. We have spent absolutely zero on this makeover. I am so happy. It’s not perfect but hard work pays off.


  • Wow that's amazing Paula, you and you daughter must be so proud of yourselves, I bet you will enjoy sitting out in it knowing all the hard work you both put in.
    Hopefully the wildlife will enjoy it too.

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  • What a brilliant thing to do with your girl, Paula. You must have done a lot of advanced planning. Now you can just sit back and see what comes...

    All the best -
  • I over thought this project for a year . I had spent two years trying to get an ornamental garden, and having no success with my pitch perfect lawn! I decided it was time for nature to take over. I am very lucky to have neighbours who are retired and gave me lots of tips and advice. I am even more great full for freecycle is where I posted for items I needed, there were so many people out there that donated to the project. We have a family of slow worms which is really worth the work we have done. Although I have only seen the frog once. It was still a huge surprise
  • Freecycle. Even better. And neighbours, better still.
  • In reply to Alan.:

    The birds are enjoying the pond which is a pleasure, and I had one sighting of a frog and haven’t seen it since. We definitely have a family of slow worms. I
    Have seen a few young and the adult male. At first I thought it was a snake. I had the local wildlife trust confirm it
  • In reply to Dave - CH:

    One mans rubbish is another mans treasure. ..
  • Hello Paula, lovely to see the results of your garden makeover and congratulate you and your daughter on all your efforts, having a water feature also will really bring the birds in so you will be well rewarded with wildlife to watch from the comfort of your house and patio. You deserve a rest now ! thanks for sharing your photos and story and look forward to any updates.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Hi Paula, what a wonderful transformation you have made in your garden, well done both of you. Even better when you can use other people's left overs or recycling.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.