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How to disguise pond liner

Hi all, we just dug out our first wildlife pond! We ran into some problems edging it! We have tucked the liner under the grass sod in places and then added leftover turf sod to the other side with some new soil underneath. however the overlook look is a bit messy and the pond liner is still visible. I was thinking to plant boggy plants around the edges by building up a layer of soil all the way around. We have a shelf for pond plants but have not been able to get any just now. I have some 'wildlfower seeds for pond edges' and was thinking to buy some creeping jenny to plant around the edges. Is this a good plan? Do any of you have any suggestions?  Thanks so much in advance!

  •  We tried reworking the edges a bit and added some paving stones but it is not going well!

  • Hi Polar,  although our pond was on larger scale, we found that large sandstone slabs and sea pebbles/boulder rocks worked well to camouflage the pond liner and once you have some marginal plants in that will add to the aesthetics of hiding the butyl liner.   irregular shapes often look better than using paving slabs.   

    Here's the various edging materials that was used to create our pond and edging....


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • Hi Polarbearshoes11,

    Well done digging your first pond! Just like Hazel said Stones are good for edging. I would go with larger stones as with is only a small pond but I used small stones and when the birds are standing on them lots of them end up in the pond!

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Wow beautiful ponds guys! Thanks for the advice