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Reconstituted stone in wildlife pond

Hi all

We dig out a wildlife pond about 4 weeks ago and its filled we are just still tidying the edges. We have reused river pebbles from our garden to make a sloping beach but I have noticed that the birds often knock these pebbles into the pond. I was thinking to put a brick at the edge under the water to act as a buffer to prevent this. However the bricks we have are reconstituted stone rather than clay. Is this an issue? I cannot seem to find out. We could get clay bricks...but lockdown! 

Thanks for your help


  • Hi Rachel, I'm no expert, however, one thing I recall when I was putting our small pond in the garden a local aquatic business advised care when using bricks or any other building materials, because they can change the PH of the water considerably, making it inhabitable to fish and other delicate species.

    I know it can cost a lot of money, but I've bought and used stones from our local garden centre rather than building materials. The pond is now almost 20 years old and has a a lot of thriving life forms.


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