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A place to learn, share and inspire others to create a haven for you and for wildlife.

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Get gardening hints and tips, solve problems, identify plants and the nature in your space, ask for help and chat with other gardeners. 

  • Family Friendly Gardening

    Share your thoughts and ideas about how to make your space work for wildlife and children.
  • Garden Design and Outdoor Living

    Creating a nature friendly space doesn’t mean you have to let it grow into a wild jungle, it should be a haven for you and for wildlife.
  • Gardening For Beginners

    We all have to start somewhere, ask questions and give advice for those who are just starting out on their gardening journey
  • Greenfingers

    Share your tips for great wildlife-friendly plants, shrubs and trees
  • Homes for Wildlife

    Whether it's a bat box, hedgehog home or bird nest box, ask for advice on how to give nature a home in your outside space.
  • Pests & Diseases

    As frustrating as they can be, inviting a whole range of wildlife to your garden can help manage these pests and diseases naturally, without the use of damaging chemical controls.
  • Plants for Pollinators

    There’s a beneficial bloom for any space that will not only add colour and interest but will benefit our much-loved birds and pollinators. Share your tips, advice and ask questions to find the right plant for your patch.
  • Ponds and Water

    Adding water to your space can add a certain kind of magic with its sensory beauty. It also provides a lifeline for wildlife too. Almost any type of water source, from a puddle to a pond or a bird bath to a fountain, will be used by wildlife.
  • Soil & Composting

    Not the most attractive part of gardening, but just as important. Our soil is home to an enormous amount of life and is the lifeline for any garden. Whether you want to improve your soil life or have tricky ground to overcome – ask for help and advice and
  • Wildlife in the garden

    Tell us about what's visited your garden lately