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Pet cats and Nesting box safety


I think I've made a great error in installing an rspb bird house I was gifted by my parents in the garden where I have two pet cats.

I was under the impression that they could co exist but I have been reading that this is probably a bad idea.

I feel really bad and worried.

The box has two blue tits nesting at the moment.

Does anyone have any advice on what I can do to make the best of this situation?

I have decided to keep the cats indoors during the night and before sunrise, so that they are only outdoors when I am and can hopefully keep an eye on them.

The bird house is positioned quite high up a tree with no branches for the cats. 

Any more advice would be much appreciated, thanks

  • Hi and welcome to the forum ... it sounds as if you are doing all you can just now by restricting your cats and only letting them out whilst you can keep watch ... now that the Blue Tits are nesting here is nothing else you can do to ensure safety as you are probably well aware that it is against the wildlife laws to interfere with an active nest even if you do sense danger!  Just leave it to nature and at the end of the breeding season, around September, you can take the nest from the tree , clean it then resite elsewhere or not at all !  I hope it all goes well for your birds Fingers crossed

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