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Bird box near feeder


Last year when I moved into my house I set up a bird feeding/wildlife area in my front garden between a holly tree, cherry tree and large leafy bush. It has lots of bird baths or raised boxes full of rocks and water etc to allow small mammals to also bathe, feeding bowls on the floor, bird feeders, raised bowls etc. I have loved seeing so many creatures and birds visit, even the mice and rats have been a joy to watch (countryside so unavoidable). 

I received a video bird box for Christmas and naively we popped this on the fence line (for ease to run the cables on) next to the holly tree in this feeding/wildlife area. It’s no more than 2m from the feeders. A pair of great tits have been visiting daily for a couple of weeks now, pecking at the entrance hole, she’s been in doing some shuffles etc.

However after researching I am now worried this is just going to end in tragedy if they do choose the box to nest in as there is likely to be too much activity from other birds or mammals near by. Do I just leave it all and see what happens? Start to take down the feeding stations as they are emptied and leave the area feeder free during nesting period? Or do I risk moving the box to the back garden where we have no feeders.

I know some birds will nest anywhere, our local pub has to put a sign on the cigarette bin on the wall as they have birds nest in it each year so I don’t now whether to just trust that this pair are happy with how busy it is on the feeders. 

Usual birds on the feeders are: great, cold and blue tits, robins, sparrows, starlings, ring necked doves and pigeons. (Next door do put out food for the red kites too). 

  • Personally, I would prioritise taking down the feeders over moving the box, esp as the box has attracted interest, and esp as your neighbour feeds the birds.