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Two bluetits sharing a nest. Is this normal bluetit behaviour?

For many years we have enjoyed watching bluetits nesting in our camera box. They seem to follow well documented behaviour and nesting patterns. Some years have been more successful than others. This year is different. We have two bluetits sitting on the same nest, at the same time and at all times of the day. Unfortunately I have not been able to spend much time watching during the day to see if there is a male visiting with food or if the birds leave the nest to find food. Has anyone else had two birds brooding simultaneously??

I have now seen the nest without either bird there and there are 15 eggs!

  • Thank you for you reply. The nest is very active. We counted 15 eggs with both mothers taking it in turns to brood and also simultaneously. They eggs have now hatched although we are not sure how many chicks there are as our very old camera does not show a clear picture. Both mothers and a third bird, presumably the father, are constantly in and out with food. Even though the chicks are only about 5 days old, the box is already looking quite full!
  • Goodness, that is a lot of babies, busy parents as well. What a shame your camera isn't working. They must be bursting out the box! Keep us posted

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  • We haven't got a camera but know our blue tits are feeding their young. They have been toing and froing for about a week at least. However one was very scruffy. He/she appears to have disappeared and there are still 2 tits going in and out, with another one or two from elsewhere who obviously have a brood in another garden, using a feeding block/seeds a good way way from the nest box but v popular with variety of birds. The blue tits keeping chasing each other away from the feeding station, but I can't tell which they are. I think the new ones are chasing off the established pair. Will be interested to see the outcome of this. I wonder if there is a lack of caterpillars as it has been so dry but chilly. Our pair have also to contend with a magpie and great spotted woodpecker, so we have everything crossed for them.