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Swinging bird nest

We were gifted a wicker hanging bird nest and I put it in the only available place in our garden. It’s been over a year and I had never seen anything near it until tonight when I saw a little head poking out. I was so excited but I’ve come home this evening and it’s so windy, the nest is swinging all over. I’m sure if they’re not happy or safe in there they will just fly off but my question is, is it worth trying to secure it so they don’t get hurt, or should I wait until I’m sure it’s unoccupied and secure it for future birdies?? 

  • Hello Stephanie, when a bird box/hanger is up, it may take a while for the birds to see it and use it. In spring time and until after the breeding season no interference is allowed at all near a box or nesting site. As it is now October they can be emptied out and cleaned ready for next year. At this time of year the birds will be using your hanger and other boxes to roost in, they may use it some nights or many nights, to keep out of the rain, wind and cold on a horrid night. You can easily secure it now, as you are not disturbing young. I am sure they will appreciate it to keep cosy in.

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