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Am I allowed to put bird boxes/hedgehog homes in local parks?

I live in London in a smallish flat and no outdoor space. I would still like to be able to sit in the local park and see birds and help. Can I put bird boxes/bird feeders/hedgehog homes in the local parks? 


  • My understanding is no. You'd need permission for any public area. Bird feeding can be controversial anyway as it attracts rats and pigeons. You'd also almost certainly find feeders get stolen. They sometimes go from private gardens.
  • Thank you for this. I have emailed my local council to see if they would consider having nest boxes placed in the local parks. Noting that the Swift population has declined drastically in London...hopefully I can have some positive feedback.
  • Well done for doing this. For swifts, siting can be challenging. Local parks possibly won't provide the right locations, but that's only a guess. For more info on swift boxes, this is a good site.