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Bird scarer killed a blackbird nest , help advice please

Hi everyone ,

Hope someone can advise...(apologies for writing,  dyslexic) 

My neighbour moved here a few years back with the notion of turning his garden into a award winning feature. But in doing so he has used tonns of pesticides,  slug bait,  rat poison etc killing lots of various wildlife including two wrens who ate the grains of poison. 

He is now insisted of chasing every bird away in case they either poop on his spotless property or touch his garden,  which by the way he insisted to plant for wildlife ,so birds are wanting the berries from the honeysuckles etc he has but the birds get confused because they see food for them to feed naturally but he chases them away .

Then has no idea why the birds want to feed from bird feeders because he gives then no choice, everytime they try to feed naturally from my garden they get chased. 

He has used machine noises to scare them all away and streamers  bits of reflective tape which blows everywhere and breaks apart and pollutes the garden instead. He buys non stop different scarers

So far he has killed wrens, blackbird nests , starlings,  slow worms with slug bait,  hedgehog with slug bait and rat poison, dormouse, shrews etc 

Not sure why he moved here because its the countryside and its life , he seems to try and get everything and everyone to conform to his needs and just wants to be in a posh area with a posh life etc .

It used to be full of birds and life here and I am loosing the battle because every year we would have a lovely starling show , but they are badly stressed with being chased off non stop as other birds. When he first moved we had owls , he complained the noise they made at night at mating season?.! Insane , you moved here ! 

we even had a beautiful pink starling and he was more worried about anyone finding out than seeing the beautiful bird . With his starling noise scarer it did not last long,  the starling left. 

He try to get rid of all bird feeders etc ,it is a mad world we live in and I never understand why you move to an area and not check first If it is suitable for your needs. 

Apparently it is my fault that he goes through this , which according to him is a hard life he has dealing with me  because I am planting and helping wildlife... 

The owl is above my trees and hedges ,below the owl was a blackbird nest , I was watching for weeks ,they were little hatchling when this was put up, parents were too scared to come back and I buried the little ones yesterday.  

He uses machines too etc to get rid of my property,  its so sad and stressful.  

The bird population is declining and struggling but somehow it doesn't get noticed by unintelligent people. 

Please can you advise me 

Thank you so much 

  • Hi friend,

    First of all, I am terribly sorry to hear about your neighbour woes - reading it has certainly got my blood pressure up.

    I stumbled across this thread by way of misclicking; I would be terribly out of my depth to advise you one way or another on this matter. However, I wanted to chime in and say you may have some luck by going on over to the Ornithology UK subreddit and creating a post there:

    Maybe phoning the RSPB, or even the RSPCA as it concerns the welfare of wildlife, and speaking to someone that's informed might also help. I'm sure they will have received similar questions in the past.

    Anyway, I'm a bit out of my depth but thought mentioning the reddit site might help you cast a wider net so to speak.

    I wish you all the best mate.