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Bird box accidentally in the sun

Hi, I put a bird box up on what I thought was the east side of my house. It turns out that my house is actually on an angle and it's south east. It's only now the days are longer I can can see that the bird box is in full sun for most of the day where it was previously shaded by the neighbour. There's a live nest of starlings inside and I'm really worried they're going to overheat as temperatures rise. I thought about making some form of larger roof out of ply and attaching it to the wall above the box to provide some extra shade but I'm worried if I do anything around the box, the parents may abandon the nest. Any suggestions on what I should do?

  • I would advise not to go near the box, as it would probably make the parents abandon the nest, also against the law to interfere with or go near to any nesting site from when the first materials are laid or taken. Not a lot you can do now I am afraid but when the time is right, at the back end in autumn, you can move the box facing north/north east.

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