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Can I put a camera in my bird box after seeing birds go in?

Hi, we’ve had a nesting box up for a few years and keep meaning to put a camera in. I’ve noticed today a lot of activity with 2 blue tits flying back and forth. Some pecking at the entrance, going in etc. My question is, have I left it too late to fit a camera? Would me doing this now put the birds off coming back? I’ve waited so long for this!!

  • Hello Katy and welcome to the site from up in Caithness at the very top of Scotland. At the moment the birds will be inspecting the boxes to find a suitable one to nest in, flying in and out, pecking around the opening etc. I would say that you could put a nest camera in the box as they are only inspecting at the moment, not nesting. Once any material is taken to build a nest, then it is not alloweded to interfere until September time. Hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge regards the camera will answer you.

    If you look at a post earlier on today, (Great Tits Inspecting Nest Box, a few posts under this one) there was a question regarding a camera and nest boxes, and a very good answer was given. Good luck.

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