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  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Hi BirdMum

    I'm not aware of a hawthorn variety that is regularly used in this way (and fascinated if someone wants to put me right). I also fear that giving it a go with a 'bog standard' hawthron would require a lot of pruning, which would eat right into the flowering and fruiting potential of it.

    My advice would be to go for next best, and use one of the pyracanthas. They're brilliant all-rounders - great for flowers for bees, then the berries for birds, plus all-year cover. And of course many varieties love nothing more than leaning against a wall where they'll need minimal pruning.

    Hope that helps


    If you want to drop by my RSPB wildlife gardening blog, it is updated every Friday, and I'd love to see you there -

  • In reply to Adrian Thomas:

    I've got a twenty foot hawthorn in my garden which the birds love, it grew from a little twig, well thats what it looked like before I let it grow. Last year I planted a mixed hedge at the end of the garden, conifer, wild rose and hawthorn and also a crab apple at the opposite side to the hawthorn. Think thats enough for now, hmmm maybe not., wouldn't mind some more wild rose and - - - - - - - - - oh well :-)

  • Hey there!! I really don't have any idea about hawthorn hedges. But I love planting hedges. A few years back I've purchased some hedges which were pre-matured ones. I just had to plant them, that's it. Such garden hedges just need little maintenance with regular pruning and frequent watering.