The Fox and the Goose

Written by Lionel

One day they met at the edge of the farm:
The goose knew, for sure, the fox meant him harm.
Mr. Fox, I know you can eat me, he said,
But, I know a better way you can be fed.

The farmer has many an egg you can eat,
and they are more juicy than feathery meat.
I'll tell you just how to gain your supply;
as quick as a wink, or the blink of an eye.

The farmer is rich and he doesn't have need
for all of his wealth, and all of his greed.
We poor of  the earth, he cares not about:
We should take eggs from the lecherous lout.

Sure, he feeds us, and quite well in fact,
But he profits from the sweat off our back.
We animals are brothers, and should take heed
About each others wants and each others need.

You can sneak around by the ol' mill gate,
while I distract the hound, down by the lake.
His threat to you I shall circumvent,
and you can then eat to your hearts content.

The sly ol' fox, he surmised this tale:
Hen's eggs were delicious, he knew quite well.
Oh, this we will do, he quickly agreed:
Eggs, he knew, were quite delicious indeed.

So, the goose set off, the hound to distract,
And also the fox, to the mill gate out back.
But, the goose had another plan in his mind;
A problem solution of a far different kind.

He enlisted the hound in his subversive trick,
To solve the fox dilemma finally and quick.
He sent the hound round to the ol' mill gate,
Leaving himself to just piddle and wait.

Then suddenly upon him with claw and tooth
Pounced the fox, ‘fore he could honk or hoot.
In this moral lesson we all can deduce,
Why no-one says: “he's as sly as a goose”.

The SLY fox knew: “If the goose would betray  
the farmer that feeds him, he will betray me too.”

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