If Only

‘If only’


I sit beside the fire, my cat upon
my knee,                                                       

I feel a surge of love for him, as he glances up at me.

I take great comfort from his fur, so very soft and warm,

I think about his rescue, from a home that did him harm.

‘If only’, I consider, ‘If’ he did not ‘go a hunting’,

If only he would stay inside, he wouldn’t be so wanting

He is well fed, and watered too, why does he do this thing,

He brings me gifts, all dead of course, no longer squeak or

Then I start to wonder what it’s like to be a cat,

His natural instincts lead him, and it’s nothing more than

I read it in the news, and I hear it from my friends,

The man from down the road, so brave, has begun to make

He has shot a few already and he does not want to stop

If they dare to scare his birds again, he’ll surely take a

This warrior of righteousness, does not comprehend

The damage, he alone has done to hurt our feathered friends.

The land and trees have been destroyed, so he can build his house,

Drive his car, play his games and feed his kids and spouse,

How much more pollution until he fulfils his dreams,

Of gaining more and more and more

And more,  or so it

Do the birds that visit us, really want to do so

Or is it that they all know, there is nowhere else to go,

So I sit beside the fire, my cat upon my knee

And wonder what things could have been.  If only, without HIM and YOU and ME.