The Crimson Twilight Sky

Through the crimson twilight sky the Sun shines,

It's gloried glow embracing the great blue planet,

Giving life to every to yestedays voices and todays cries,

And through years of endless snow and scorching heat,

The green planet came forth to be,

From the coloured jungles to the barren sands we grew,

With wings and arms, eyes and ears, tails and feet,

We swam and we ran until we could no more,

And we the creatures of Earth came to be,

Forever we shall grow 'til we can grow no more,

And the Sun shall shine through the crimson twilight sky.

"Heroes can only rise if there is something left to climb" - Thomas Luke Williams


When you can sit and be accepted by the Vixen and her young, you know you have done the right things in life.