Before I post my poetry can anyone tell me why my blackbirds abandoned my garden mid-July (2019) and haven't returned to date (11.8)?  I miss them. Perhaps they are simply re-feathering themselves as suggested  in a 2009 post. 


  • Hi & welcome to the community ... my BB's have gone too, the last sightings I had last week were of a juvenile being fed by a female whose chest feathers looked liked they had exploded, guess the moult is well under way!

    EDIT:  Saw a juvenile in garden this afternoon but no chance of a pic!


     2013 photos & vids here

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  • Mine disappeared for a couple of weeks and the chicks took over the raisins. They are back now and asserting their dominance but the chicks are still coming. I haven’t had this situation before - this chicks are usually chased away before the moult.
  • Do you think they will come back to my garden?  If so, when?  Should l put food out now or later?  You can tell l am a novice where birds are concerned!

  • Hi Bijli,   THIS LINK gives a little more information on Blackbirds.   Numbers seem to pick up during Autumn/Winter months with possible arrivals from Scandinavia/N.Europe joining resident blackbirds.    With plenty of natural food available in Autumn like Blackberries, Elderberry  etc.,  I don't think you need to worry about feeding them until the colder months of winter set in.    August is usually the quietest month in the garden for spotting birds as they go into moult following breeding season and lay low for a while until they gain their new (especially flight) feathers.     So don't worry, they will be back in a few weeks when numbers will start to pick up.   


    Regards, Hazel