A few from the other day


Having a good scratch half way out of the gateway

You know that bit that you can never reach!!    We closed the gate when he moved back a little.

A grey highland, never seen one this colour before.

Stonechat, yes I know it is small, just a little way away!!

Common lizard basking in the sun

Lovely little creature

Today we have snow again on the mountains, lovely in the sun but the wind is freezing

Brrrr at least it has stayed dry even though not feeling like May.  

Will put up a few more later


Lot to learn

  • a lovely selection of photos Gaynor, love the cow having a good scratch lol well done spotting and photograping the Stonechat and Redpoll and what a beautiful scenic view you have; as you say, it's been bitter cold overnight and still need sweater during the day.


    Regards, Hazel 

  • Great vareity of lovely captures Gaynor & look forward to some more soon!
    Terrible here today, like winter with wind, heavy rain & hail with enough sunshine in between to lure one out only to get soaked!!


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

  • Thanks Hazy and Wendy, going on a Yellowhammer count situated on the far side of the Reserve I was walking last week, can't wait, hope to get a few pics too.

    Here are a couple more from today

    Close up one of the white wabbit, just over the wall, and she sat there quite happily.

    Her little one was the other side of the house and much more wary, and only the one today

    Sue was very interested in the rabbit burrow today

    Have to keep her on lead as she is small enough to go down if she wanted

    Uh oh - a foxes poo, is that why Sue was interested, and will have to look out for the other young of white rabbit now.

    Pool in field, usually kept free of weeds with the cattle drinking from there but no cattle as yet this year.   The reeds in the distance were where I hoped to find a reed bunting but not a sausage so far.

    my newest accessory, a tiny greenhouse on the right there, the one I had to hold down during the gales lately!!

    Love the colours in May

    Mr or Mrs Dunnock

    Mr Chaffie

    Titch taking time for once to pose for me

    He is soooo busy these days feeding his family

    It is always such a pleasure to see him.   Keeping my fingers crossed that I will get to see any young this year.

    That's all folk


    Lot to learn

  • Lovely garden you have Gaynor ... I have one of those greenhouses & took cover off in recent gales & put tender plants in the shed for a couple of nights! Great pics of Tich ... my cheeky Robin comes into porch for his waxworms but yesterday he came right into the lounge when both of us were there, had a poke around then left by the front door! Made me laugh, unfortunately no pics as I didn't want to frighten him by moving to get cam! They can be so bold!


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

  • I was lucky Wendy that it hadn't blown away before I got up that morning - there was no way I could get the cover off so there I was in wellies again, hunting around for bricks etc to hold it down. Titch hasn't been in house for a while now but your story made me smile as they are so brave and just great to have around. Wish I could read what goes on in their heads!!!!

    Lot to learn

  • Lovely additions Gaynor and great to see Sue having a good nosy round, typical of Jack Russells and wanting to burrow down rabbit and fox holes lol What a lovely area of both your garden and surrounds for all manner of bird and other wildlife, hope you catch up with the Reed Buntings. Nice pics of Tich as well, bless him.


    Regards, Hazel 

  • gaynorsl said:
    Wish I could read what goes on in their heads!!!!

    Made himself quite clear this morning Gaynor as he looked at me through kitchen window pleading for suet pellets & then came to porch door looking for waxworms ... managed to set cam up this time, will post footage later!


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

  • A lovely selection of shots, Gaynor. Your garden looks great.

    My bird photos HERE

  • Thanks Hazy, Wendy and Paul, I am lucky to live in such lovely surroundings and never tire of looking at the mountains which change every day. Hazy I am not getting the red squirrels any more though the small holding that is down the bottom of my lane where the white rabbits are living are feeding a few by the sound of it, I keep looking but haven't spotted any yet. Their wolfhounds warn off any animal with their barking when strangers are around - or strange dogs like Sue!!! Paul my garden looks nice in the Spring, all the new growth etc., gets to look rather tired come late Summer worse luck.

    Lot to learn

  • You get some great views there, whether the mountains or your garden. Odd to see the lizards out and the snow on the mountain. It's a confusing time weather-wise! I keep looking for lizards but never see them. Good luck with the Sausages Reed Warblers


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