My love poem

Hi all! I recently saw some beautiful pictures here and they inspired me to write this poeam. It's not really wildlife related but I hope you will like it anyway:) kiss me my sweet seduction, kiss on the lip of night kiss me my bitter parting and make my darkness bright kiss my heels and kiss my valleys lighten my heart, my ember kiss goodnight and in the morning let me not remember
  • I think you didn't grasp the editing yet. But your poem is quite lovely :)
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    Nice!  If you want to have separate lines, then press the Capital Letter key on the left hand side of your keyboard at the same time as the Return key

    This gives you lines, but not with big gaps between them as in paragraphs.

    Like this.
    Or like this....

    (You need to be in rich formatting, though)

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    That sounds a lovely poem daniel, the only thing is if l was being kissed like that, l'd sure want to remember it in the morning and some times to follow. Good on you Yas