Butterfly Lullaby - A Musical Poem

This YouTube video link has kindly been given to our team by songwriter/composer and producer Robin Mayhew, it highlights the plight of the UK's Butterflies and Moths and is well worth a look - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFbzWG8MpGg


  • Whoa!   How did I miss this?   - Its just beautiful.   How very sad our world would be without the butterfly, a unique and special organism.  Thanks for posting.

  • Hi Lindy bird - only just back 'connecting' on here, I hope you are well - this is a beautiful yet with a touch of sadness butterfly video - I have just been posting on the main site as well from my new home in North East Wales - hopefully poems to come! With an amazing poem and video like this to inspire me!


    Poetry helped me emerge from my Chrysalis - but my wings are still drying - so much more to learn.
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