Big Fat Forum!

Hi I just want to say how pleased I am that lots of new people are joining. I have noticed over the last week that there are always more people online. This makes the forum more diverse & interesting. There's always someone to chat to, which is great!

I hope everyone enjoys the forum as much as I do & all of the new people get to stay long term.

Long live the big fat RSPB forum lol


  • Indeed so :-)

    Make the boy interested in natural history if you can; it is better than games [Robert Falcon Scott]

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    Regards Buzzard

    Nature Is Amazing - Let Us Keep It That Way

  • Couldn't agree more.

    The more the merrier

    Cheers, Linda.

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    We could be the biggest bird forum on the net soon, more newbies just arrived :-)

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    Hear Hear. Lovely to see that so many people love birds and wildlife.

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    Do you think the cold snap is getting more people roped in so to speak?

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    When I saw the title I thought you were commenting on how much I had eaten over Christmas. ! ;-)

    Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.

  • Here here !!! and may us all keep it up ;) !!

    If it aint broken, dont fix it !.... all good things come to those who wait !

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    This is a great forum to use the way it should remain forever for wild birds

    The former RSPB Forum was nothing but full of people who where using it as another forum of their own.

    I still think a Forum membership (or a contribution) should be part of your RSPB membership


    Kathy and Dave

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    Lol Juno, no you are not looking podgy :-)

    Blackbird, I can see your point, that way only serious bird fans would use the forum & use it appropriately. It would prevent spam. Sometimes we may go off on a tangent like discussing our pets etc but that is because we are a small society & are finding similarities amongst ourselves. Some people on here may be using the site appropriately to discuss birds/wildlife but do not contribute RSPB membership. They may still be interested, concerned, need advice so should we deny them them their needs for the lack of membership? I think as long as we support the staff to 'remove' inappropriate discussion the forum will remain fair.