Something odd going on in the private mails

  • Hazel, I did do at 16.30. There were a number of users with your username but only one that wasn't flagged "can't message". Ian

  • Yes, just found it, I went off to light the fire & forgot to check my inbox when I got back. Response is on it's way.

    Best wishes

    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France

  • I had a problem on the forum replying to a thread, and somehow, the software got names and logon names mixed up!

    No matter how many times I tried to rectify the error, it kept messing up.

    If I recall, it was putting Wendy's name against someone else!

    Hopefully you've managed to resolve the issue.


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • Nope, I just clicked on the name of two of my friends & it wanted to send a message to Ian S, as he was the last person I spoke to. It seems I can only send a message to people I've recently spoken to. Really helpful! LOL

    Best wishes

    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France