Posting photos


I'm new here and not posted before. I just tried to create a post with a photo from my phones gallery but once it got to about 96% uploaded it  vanished 

I did not click post as I was not sure if the photo would actually appear once published.

Is there some way to preview what a post will look like once published and is there a limit to jpeg size for posting?

Many thanks if someone can advise on this.

  • Hi
    Max image size is 5mb. If you are using the drop down boxes I find 800 in the first box and 0 in the 2nd is the best sizing. Good luck with the user unfriendly interface and looking forward to your pics
  • Hello and welcome to the forum, from the W Midlands.

    I'm not familiar with posting photos from a smartdevice, though I am aware some photos can be in excess of the 5MB limit. Also, it would depend on whether you used to initial text box to upload a photo or rich text formatting. i've never used the initial text box, so I'm not familiar with how that displays once a photo has uploaded.

    Usually, you will get a message if the file is too large, so there could be a chance that it had uploaded.

    The attached image shows you how to upload using rich text, which is the process i use.


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • Thanks for the replies.
    I tried to upload from my phones picture gallery by clicking on the mountain landscape icon.
    The picture size was about 7 mb so I guess that's why it would not upload?
    Anyway I posted the pics by using links to google photos, next time I'll give the rich formatting method a go.
    Thanks again.