Robins nest.

We have a fairly large Robin nest box in our clematis.

robins nested last year in the ‘ bedroom end’ of box, this year they have nested in the mouth

of the box.

I have read that from October onwards these nests should be removed so Robins can nest again.

it seems quite cruel to remove these nest as that’s a lot of work for a small bird.

my question is - is it necessary , so as to encourage future nesting robins? Or by not removing old nests,

New Robins will be discouraged from nesting  there. 
any advise will be welcome. Thank you

  • Robins will not reuse the same nest, if it is a box or hanger, the old nest is best removed, ready for next year. If the nest was in the bushes, they would nest again near to the nest, but not reuse it. They do go to a lot of effort to make nests but to help them nest again best remove it, any time between October and February.

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