What is going on with the Homepage?

I think the techies have been tinkering again.

Sometimes I get this pretty picture

But more often than not I get this blank space. 

Is it just me or everyone experiencing the same?



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  • Ive never een the picture but I have all the space where it should be. It's hard to believe that after all the previous discussions where we managed to get a reasonable layout with as many posts on view as possible that someone should seem fit to ruin our experience - "tinker with" is too kind a phrase for what has happened.

    Is it any wonder that people keep getting fed up and leaving or taking a break. I've only just back into it myself but thinking was it worth it.

    Hopefully they will correct the issue before too long, but as usual I won't hold my breath




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  • Hi

    I've NEVER NOTICED a colour picture at the top !


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  • Don't worry, you're not going mad, I've seen the picture a couple of times (but normally just get the white space). It's doubtless the same issue that gives us the intermittent RSPB logo/Home link top left that's never been resolved!


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  • Me too. The main issue I have is it seems someone has time on their hands to do that change (which I assume no customer/user requested), but not have time to do more useful, long standing, fundamental changes that were requested several times over several years.
  • Same here, intermittment flower pic ... see also that we've lost the page refresh icon?


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  • Have seen both the flower picture and the white blocked space! Had also noticed that we had lost the small grey round refresh symbol! More like sense, as has been said, to fix, change things that have been requested or updates that were of use to everyone.

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  • This morning I saw the picture and it contains a "show me more" link. The link takes you to - surprise surprise - an advert for RSPB birdseed, a blog and then the "forum" page for Nature on your doorstep, the newest post on which is month old. It would be nice if they got rid of this feature but I doub that it will ever happen, especially when there is an advertisement behind it.

    Newcomers could possibly click on that link and then believe that the Forum posts they see then are all that exist - we all know how difficult it is to navigate around here.




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  • I noticed the page change about a week ago.

    While I'm with Robbo, it seems someone has the time, and money, to spend decorating the page, but not sorting other issues out, it may help the new users to the forum, particularly those with no or limited knowledge.

    But then, I see tis as another typical feature of modern life, lets gloss it up and sweep the real issues under the carpet.


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  • I noticed the change a few days ago, did not get a photo in the white block for many days and was surprised to see they have taken up so much space with an RSPB advert. Odd that after there was so much discussion and requests a few years ago from folks who post here that the home page ought to contain as many posts as possible, they have gone and changed the format on the home page with, admittedly, a pretty picture, but really people, do we actually want that there?!

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