Dead Peregrine Falcon

  • Wow guys that’s great research, I’ve lived here a while now and didn’t know there was Peregrine living in the town! I’ll see if I can get in touch with the people in the article. I’ve never seen a wild Peregrine before but I think it was one and we did take a picture so we can check. It’s because it’s so unusual I thought I’d need to report it to someone but couldn’t find anything when I searched the web so really grateful for your help. Personally I don’t think there was any fowl play I think it was probably just hit by a car and the driver possibly thought it was a pigeon, sad though.
  • You can post photos on here if you want Megs.

    My Flickr photos

  • Hi Alan, I’m afraid my IT skills don’t appear to be up to the task! I’ve had a quick search on how to do it but as I’m on an iPad I can’t seem to do it!
  • Oh dear it’s official I’m an idiot and will be drummed out of the twitchers society - I’ve just looked at the photo and it’s a sparrowhawk not a Peregrine d’oh! Grovelling apologies to all, but I have discovered the Waveney Bird Society so maybe they can help me improve my skills.
    Sorry for wasting your time
  • No time wasted. Apart from anything else, you've picked up a skill of what you found. You've also highlighted what many others have, re the issue of posting photos. Hopefully, with ongoing feedback, the site may at some point in future receive improvements to make new posters want to stay by making it less challenging to work out.