Injured or old crow/raven? N11 London

I found this guy the side of a busy footpath (predestrians/dog walkers/cyclist).  He wasn't flying or walking, but he is alive and moving his wings a bit.  He might just be old but I don't want him to be accidently hit (or eaten...)  The box has a lid on it and is in my quiet bathroom for now.  Anyone have any suggestions as to how to make him more comfortable or anywhere I can take him if he starts to recover a bit?

  • Hard to tell from the photo. Looks like a youngster so needed to be moved to a safe place and left rather than brought home. Youngsters are better left with parents. If it was in immediate danger, moving it a few feet would have been the right option.

    I am not a bird feeder in general, but am pretty sure it won't be interested in sunflower seeds.

    Re what to do next, as you posted this a couple of hours ago, probably too late to return it to approx where you found it.

    Others will have better suggestions of what to do next than I have. I hope it works out ok whatever happens next.

  • Contact for their advice


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