Injured robin

Hello I have a very friendly robin that has followed me round the garden wherever i go.  He would feed from my hand  and come into the greenhouse to spend time with me,  a Cple of weeks ago he couldn't get enough food from me, he would fly away with it in his beak  ,obviously feeding his family,   a week ago I noticed how bedraggled he was ,and his beak was permanently open.  He now has a rival robin coming in garden attacking him. How can I help him and how can I get his beak to close again,   I am breaking his suet pellets to very small pieces  and also watering plants so he can drink from the leaves,

Any guidance would be really appreciated please,  


  • I'm no expert, but the bedraggled look will most likely be due to the exhaustive feeding of the brood.

    The chances are you're doing the best you can, though I'm sure if anyone else has any further advice, I'm sure they'll pop in and offer it.


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  • Hi Anne, if he can still fly, then that's a good start. It is possible that he has a rival for his territory, although it is breeding season and I don't know how prevalent it is then. I would suggest leaving out some dishes of water if that is an option. Robins tend to bathe several times a day (at least my pair does). As for his beak issues, I don't know what that might be without seeing it. I would suggest getting some live mealworms or wax worms if you feel so inclined. Livefoodsdirect will deliver next day. Keep him fed and watered and hope that he makes it.

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