A Granny's Point of View

Once upon a time there was a little old Granny who loved wildlife, nature and birds.  She took great pleasure in sharing her interest with other kindly, like minded folk and so found the RSPB Community an ideal place to see what was new, read of concerns, and sometimes, even write posts herself.  But then one day some Very Clever I.T. Bods came along an said, "We're going to upgrade this site, and you're gonna love it!"  Everyone, including the little old Granny, was happy and looked forward in excited anticipation of the wonderful things to come.  At last  the great day arrived!  But... "Oh dear!" said the little old Granny (and a whole bunch of other folk, judging from the comments),  "I can't find my way around!"  The more she tried, the further she became lost!  It was as if the Very Clever I.T. Bods had created giant maze for people to become trapped!  Not only this but the font was so feint it was barely readable and when the Granny tried to write a post (like now!), that font was minute!  There were big spaces either side of the page and a horrid, bouncy bit at the top.  Poor Granny couldn't  understand why she needed 'points' or 'achievements' or 'votes' whether up, down or sideways - she didn't know it was a competition..  It took so long to write a post because of the cursor speed that she began to speak to her laptop in a rarely used Anglo Saxon dialect!  Whatever could be done to help the little old Granny and her friends?  Perhaps the Very Clever I.T. Bods might hear their cries  of anguish but as they seem to live on another planet, who knows what the future might hold?