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    Much excitement this morning - we now have TWO dunnocks, yip-yip!

    I know what these birds are like - at this rate, can I expect orgies behind the compost bin come the breeding season? Will the neighbours complain that I am running some kind of avian bordello? :-)


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  • I have a pretty little Dunnock living in my garden. Unfortunately, she seems to have a broken leg so doesn't venture far from the shrubs and hedges in the garden. I have been terribly worried about her but she seems to be adapting to her injury. She cleverly perches on one leg on the bird feeder and flutters her left wing for balance as she pecks the seeds. She appears to be perkier in recent days and is possibly starting to recover from her injury. She is so friendly and often perches on the shed roof or nearby branch when I'm in the garden. I love her dearly and feel very protective of her. She seems to be quite solitary with no mate. The trouble is, I have my house on the market and it breaks my heart at the thought of leaving her. It would be taking things too far to cancel a house sale for her.....but I'm tempted.
  • I think that would be taking things a bit too far as well Songbird! I am sure that your Dunnock will do just fine with the new owners.

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