When is the best time to cut down brambles?


Opposite a line of 4 homes is a pond with trees. The pond was built about 13 years ago at the same time when the houses were built. In 13 years since it's existence the ground has not been maintained and brambles have overtaken (12feet high) the space, so now you can't even see the pond.

I'm putting a working party together to clear the brambles as the council won't help (!) A neighbour has raised the concern that to cut the brambles down now would possibly affect live bird nests from sparrows or blue tits. I personally have not seen any nests, but it did raise the question if it's ok to cut them down now? And if not when is the best time?

Your thoughts and educated opinions are much appreciated. 

Maany thanks for your help,


  • I'll echo Robbo's reply, ASAP.


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  • Clear totally, or trim and tidy up? Brambles often house many creatures, and the fruit, likewise, are attractive to many.
  • As already said get on as soon as possible, on our little local reserve brambles are chopped down to almost ground level and within a couple of years they are back to full strength. We do patches in rotation so there is always a variety of growth but this has been going on over a nember of years so the rotation pattern is established.


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  • Even new brambles grow very profusely. It took only months after my accident for the bottom part of my garden (the adjoining gardens are well kept gardens) to become overgrown with brambles. The poor old gardener and his mate worked damned hard to clear them. Even now six years on, the brambles keep poking through!

    They are very robust.


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